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I had forgotten about my scanner. hello there. 

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a place to collect photos for future references & inspirations 

giordanonagro asked: Sei bravissima. Mi ricordi Ghirri

ma questo è un complimentone che non penso di meritare. grazie mille! 

pureego asked: a couple of questions: what camera+lense do you use? did you study photography or are you self taught? Your pictures are too beautiful to describe them with words. Everytime I check here I'm so impressed by all this aesthetic.

oh my, thank you so much! I’m really flattered. I have a modest equipment: Canon 550D + 18- 55 mm + 50 mm f/1.8 (and a telephoto lens that I never use). I’m self taught, although I would really love to learn and work as an assistant/intern. thank you again!